Microtunneling Bradshaw Company Maryland TUNNELING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1963      


Five Decades of Tunneling Experience

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Tunneling has been the Bradshaw family business for over five decades. After 10 years spent learning the underground industry, Lester M. Bradshaw, Sr. founded Eastern Tunneling in the early 1960s. In 1981, Lester formed L. M. Bradshaw Contracting, Inc. with his four sons. In 1995, ownership and management passed to Lester M. Bradshaw, Jr. and Joe D. Bradshaw and the company was renamed Bradshaw Construction Corporation (BCC).

The first 20 years of the family's tunneling operations utilized hand excavation techniques. The practice of hand excavating, foot by foot, in all types of conditions, provided a sound understanding of the many diverse tunneling challenges. In the 1980's, BCC began merging this extensive knowledge with emergent, reliable tunneling machines, providing an ability to construct an increasingly diverse range of tunnels with ever increasing speed and efficiency.

By combining superior craftsmanship developed throughout its early years, with innovative tunnel engineering and construction technology, BCC successfully provides cost effective tunneling solutions to the utility and transportation industries. BCC will continue to be an innovator in the tunneling industry and will remain dedicated to our clients by providing them with the best tunnel construction and value engineering possible. Our company not only wants to build your tunnels, we also want to build your trust.